Electric plancha 600 mm

A minimum of space for a maximum of power ! Its 400 x 450 mm plate of 5,25 kW power offers a temperature range up to 350°C ! Opt for chrome or steel depending on the cooked food. For more information, click here. 

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Electric grill 2 heating zones

Versatility and optimal cleaning ! Its 2 heating zones (power 6 kW per unit) each controlled by a thermostat will allow you to both sear on one side and maintain temperature on the other ! For more information, click here.

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Asian wok torch

To do the show ! The Asian wok torch is ideal for cooking Asian dishes (vegetables, meats, fried noodles, etc...), the wok torch will complete your cooking equipment ! Its unique burner ensures an easy maintenance and cleaning. For more information, click here.

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6 open fires (lg. 1275 mm)

Versatility and power ! The 6 fires 3 x 10 kW at the front and 3 x 6,5 kW at the rear, controlled by a 4 position thermostat, will allow you to heat, reheat, cook or sear several foods simultaneously.

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Multizones induction

The new multizone induction hob offers maximum versatility ! It has 4 heating zones, controlled by 4 controls. It is also ideal well to sear that maintain temperature. For more informations, click here. 

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The 4 zones Solid Top Charvet

Versatility and powerful, the 4 zones Solid Top is the Chief's essential tool ! This Solid Top can be used as a single cooking surface. It offers an ideal temperature gradient adapted to each cooking. For more information, click here.

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The multifonctional bain-marie

Versatility and precision ! The multifunctional bain-marie combines temperature maintenance and low temperature cooking. Temperature control to the nearest degree. It is available in all modular and custom Charvet ranges.

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New french fries baskets for 28 high output gas fryers !

Recognized for their efficiency, the 28 high output gas fryers are equipped with new baskets : more ergonomic and lighter, they allow simplified handling on a daily basis (available in PRO 800, PRO 900, PRO 1000 series).

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PREMIUM Finishing

Customize your modular suite with PREMIUM Finishing ! Choose from 9 shades (RAL Standard) and choose the color that will make your suite unique ! Available in the following series : PRO 700, PRO 800 and PRO 900.

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Discover Combi-Pan

With two independent heating zones and suitable for commercial and communal catering, the COMBI PAN is ideal for grilled meats, casseroles, meats in sauce or cooking at night. Just try to adopt it !
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