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PREMIUM Finishing brochure

Available in PRO 800 range
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PRO 800

Flexible and modular solutions for surface optimization

Flexible, ergonomic, compact and versatile

Restaurants, caterers, small and medium-sized institutions : a range that adapts to your space

  • With 800 mm depth, it consists of a wide choice of gas or electric appliances (more than 200 modules available) mounted on oven, cupboard, or as a top element.
  • PRO 800 offers a compact and versatile range for professionals who want to be equipped with high-performant, robust and durable equipment while favouring available space.

​​PRO 800 also allows the realization of high quality wall suites or central islands, dedicated to the production.
  • Robustness and durability : stainless steel construction; 30/10 thick top, stainless steel vertical casing and legs; enamelled control panels.
  • Component performance, selected for its quality.
  • Optimum hygiene: rounded corners, drip trays etc ...
  • Customization : single hygienic top, removable shelfs, special liftings and set-up etc ...


  • Full module gas and electricity units on GN2/1 oven and cupboard: 6.5 and 10 kW burners, solid tops, inductions etc ...
  • Bridge gas and electricity units (W. 425, 850 and H.320, 380 mm).
  • Fixed boling pans and tilting bratt pans on gas and electricity.
  • Combi-pan : fixed braising pan with 2 heating zones.
  • Low temperature cooker.
  • Other cooking appliances: fryers, bain-marie, pasta cooker, induction wok, grills, planchas etc ...
  • New PREMIUM Finishing for individual customization.
  • Numerous options and accessories available: rails, removable shelfs, pot racks etc ...
  • Customization: PREMIUM "colour" enamel finishing, single top, integration of cold or hot drawers etc ...