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Decades of passionate cooking...

French manufacturer of professional cooking equipment for haute cuisine since 1934, we have always placed excellence at the heart of our success. Our company remains family business, independent of any group. Our almost centennial brand is at the service of institutions as well as the most demanding restaurateurs. Located at the foot of the Chartreuse mountains, we uphold the values of precision, rigour and generosity in our effort.

Welcome to Charvet, passionate craftsmen’, dedicated to your know-how

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PREMIUM Finishing

Customize your modular suite ! Choose from 9 shades (RAL Standard) and choose the color that will make your suite unique ! Available in the following series : PRO 700, PRO 800 and PRO 900.

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The multifunctional bain-marie

Versatility and precision ! The multifunctional bain-marie combines temperature maintenance and low temperature cooking. Temperature control to the nearest degree. It is available in all modular and custom Charvet ranges.

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Interview with Chef Sebastien Lepinoy - Les Amis in Singapore

Chef Sebastien Lepinoy told us his beautiful story during an interview. Its restaurant "Les Amis" (in Singapore) is equipped with Charvet. Crowned with 3 Michelin stars, it ranks among the top 100 restaurants in the world ! 
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The 4 zones Solid Top Charvet

Versatile and powerful, the 4 zones Solid Top is the Chief's essential tool ! This Solid Top can be used as a single cooking surface. It offers an ideal temperature gradient adapted to each cooking. For more information, click here.
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