The suite that measures up to your talent

Because your kitchen is unique...

Marked by excellence, the tailor-made suites Virtuoses carry the values of our culinary traditions. Specially dedicated to gastronomic restoration, our custom-made islands are individually manufactured after a detailed study of your needs and a personalized drawing. They are characterized by the best quality of manufacture, a high level of performance, as well as exclusive aesthetic finishing. Sharing with you the ambition of going beyond its limits and the creativity, they accompany you in your quest for shared pleasure.



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Unlimited imagination

A 100 % personalized suite

Our tailor-made bespoke islands are customized according to your expectations, as a Chef prepares his cooking recipe. Basing on your specifications, our design office equipped with the most sophisticated tools in terms of CAD, is responsible for advising you and accompany you at each stage of your project. Our suites are designed taking into account the spaces and volumes available in your kitchen: its surface and organisation. The layout of the work areas; the choice of cooking appliances, the choice of finishing (brass, chrome, stainless steel, enamelled steel) and colours are the subject of advanced studies. Your kitchen is scrutinized in each and every detail. The precision and fluidity of your movements and handiwork are our priority.
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Charvet know-how

A guarantee of quality

At Charvet we attach special importance to the robustness and durability of our equipment. Each VIRTUOSES suite is mounted on a fully welded monobloc frame and manufactured at right angle. This unique structure ensures its strength and durability over time. We are uncompromising in the selection of materials. Among those we use: 304 L stainless steel or titanium, cast iron etc ... of great thickness. In addition, we integrate and manufacture components known for their efficiency and reliability.
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Power and performance

Beyond the aesthetics

At your side in our common quest for excellence, Virtuoses stands out for its unequalled cooking power and unique precision. Just like your menu, the depth of the Virtuoses range ensures you’ll find the desired result.
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Cleanability and ergonomics

To make everyday Chefs life easier

At Charvet we pay a very special attention to the cleanability and ergonomics of cooking equipment. Because time and your safety are precious ...
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