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Alphonse-Benoît Charvet settles in Charavines and start his hand-crafted plumbing activity. Rapidly, he specializes in heating and, therefore, integrates the world of cooking. At the time, heating and cooking were indivisible, as the cast iron stove called in France "fourneau-bouilleur" (stove-boiler), fueled with wood or coal, assured a production of hot water for the radiators of the house.


Craftsman becomes a company and the manufacturing of kitchens represents the main activity of Charvet, which at that time had about ten employees. But the Second World War stops its growth because of lack of workforce and raw materials. In the post-war period, Charvet continue to produce domestic kitchens and begins to manufacture professional equipment for restaurants and institutions.


First participation in « EquipHotel », first modular range, first totally stainless steel range.


Pierre Charvet, grandson of the founder, retires and let the company to the “Société Industrielle de Lacanche” (SIL), headed by André Augagneur and his sons. The entry of Charvet into the family SIL group gives the company a new energy and allows it to modernize without altering its identity and traditions.


Charvet is present in around twenty countries with subsidiaries in Spain and the United Kingdom.
Company exports 30% of its production and unanimously recognized as one of the most prestigious manufacturers of cooking equipment in the world.

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