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PRO 1000

Maximum capacity and hygiene

Volume, power and innovation

Performances studied for large institutions

  • With 1000 depth, it consists of a wide choice of gas or electric appliances (more than 150 modules available) mounted on oven, cupboard. The range is particularly appreciated for its large choice of big capacity boiling and bratt pans.
  • PRO 1000 offers a high-performant range for professionals who want to be equipped with robust and durable equipment capable to process large quantities (hospitals, caterers, central kitchens etc ...).
A range specially designed for intensive use.

Management of important volume and optimization of cooking time.
  • Robustness and durability : stainless steel construction; 30/10 thick top, stainless steel vertical casing and legs.
  • Performance : quick rise of temperature and homogeneity of cooking.
  • Efficiency : management of important volume and optimization of cooking time.
  • Optimum hygiene : rounded corners, drip trays, precise edge to edge assembly etc ...
  • Versatility : variety of components.
  • Possible to combine with AEROGAM.
  • Customization: single top, integration of cold or hot drawers etc ...


  • Full module gas and electricity units on oven or cupboard.
  • Available units :  500 mm width or 1000 mm width.
  • Direct heated and jacketed, fixed or tilting boiling pans.
  • Tilting bratt pans.
  • Gas and electric fryers with transfer system (1 or 2 baskets).
  • Other cooking appliances: fryers, bain-marie, pasta cooker, asian wok, paella burner etc ...
  • Numerous options and accessories available: rails, removable shelfs, pot racks, filler panels etc ...
  • Customization : single top, integration of cold or hot drawers etc ...