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Tradition and innovation since 1934

Charvet has always combined tradition and innovation in its production of professional kitchen equipment, employing 150 people and has 12,000 m² of facilities where technology and know-how coexist. Anchored in both massive and fragile environment at the same time, Charvet has naturally oriented its growth dynamic around the essential values ​​of its land which are : quality, respect to people and their environment, innovation.

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From design...


A design office dedicated to your projects

Attentive to your needs, with innovation as leitmotif, performance and ergonomics as priority axes, our technical and commercial design offices take care of your project in order to design and shape your kitchen of tomorrow.  Mastery of energy consumption, availability of the latest technologies. Charvet is the trusted partner for all of your projects !

...to manufacturing


Quality, reliability, robustness and longevity

The world of cooking demands for endurance and reliability. Charvet designs the equipment meant to last, through the use of high quality materials and proven manufacturing methods. Meticulous choice of the best components and noble materials guarantees the durable performance of the Charvet equipment. Each cooking unit rests on a monobloc carrying chassis frame. Integrally welded and manufactured with the square, it allows an optimal assembly.

Committed manufacturer

Charvet claims its quality as a true expert maker. Internally, Charvet masters different competences and specific expertise’s, such as : R&D, sheet metal workshop, boilerworks, polishing, electricity, assembling etc… at the service of the quality of its ranges.
Furthermore, Charvet is a historical member of the SYNEG syndicate.
Ultimate recognition of its historical know-how, Charvet has been awarded the EPV (Living Heritage Company) label.

Charvet and the environment

Located in a protected region, surrounded by a rural community, environmental protection is ingrained in Charvet genetic makeup. This results in a strict and rigorous policy on waste treatment, elimination of polluting emissions and efforts to control energy consumption. In its search for suppliers, Charvet favours local businesses, recognized for their reliability in order to reduce unnecessary transport. Finally, being compliant with Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE and DEA) regulations, Charvet endorse the recycling of its products in the end of the life cycle.

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