Extend Concept BROCHURE

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Extend Concept

The new culinary architecture...

in the center of your kitchen !

Modular, passing through suite

  • This compact range consists of a wide choice of gas or electric appliances (more than 80 modules available). Extend Concept allows you to structure your central cooking island of 1000 mm width.
  • Extend Concept is a durable and performant range dedicated to professionals who want to harmonize their workspace.

Main objective : exceptional ergonomics.
  • Robustness and durability : stainless steel construction; 30/10 thick top, stainless steel vertical casing and legs. Extend Concept suite guarantees reliability and longevity.
  • Optimum hygiene : single hygienic top (optional).
  • Modularity : central island or peninsula unit.
  • Ergonomics : controls on 2 sides, passing through base (cupboards, hot cupboards, ovens etc ...), large dressing surfaces.
  • Power and performance : all, gas or electricity components are selected for their performance and endurance.
  • Customization : pot racks, sockets, water taps, dressing removable shelfs, rails, chef's drip tray, single top ... on a concrete or stainless steel plinth.


  • Burner 8 kW on a water tank.
  • Single zone or multizone inductions.
  • Stainless steel or chrome planchas.
  • Gas or electric solid top.
  • Fryers, bain-marie, pasta cookers…
  • Gas or electric ovens (passing through).
  • Other components : woks, grils, paella burners etc ...