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Hygiene and performance in institutional kitchen

On feet or cantilevered

A complete and technological range specially designed for institutional catering

  • With 1000 mm depth, it consists of a wide choice of gas or electric appliances mounted on special 400 mm legs. Gas and electric components of AEROGAM range are the same of PRO 1000.
  • AEROGAM range offers a solid and robust range dedicated to big capacity production units (hospitals, caterers, central kitchens etc ...).
A range specially designed for intensive use.

Main objective : cleanability and hygiene.
  • Robustness and durability : stainless steel construction; 30/10 thick top, stainless steel vertical casing and legs.
  • Optimum hygiene : reduced quantity of legs (joint legs), simplifying the access to clean the equipment.
  • Performance : quick rise of temperature and homogeneity of cooking.
  • Production : management of important volume and optimization of cooking time.
  • Modularity : the range may be cantilevered on concrete or stainless steel wall.
  • Technology.
  • Refined design.


  • Full module gas and electricity units on 400 mm legs.
  • Available units : 500 or 1000 mm width.
  • Direct heated and jacketed, tilting boiling pans.
  • Tilting bratt pans.
  • Other cooking appliances: fryers, bain-marie, pasta cooker, paella burner etc ...
  • Numerous options and accessories available: rails, removable shelfs, pot racks, filler panels etc ...