Institutional organisations face multiple requirements : productivity, quality, respect of regulations and hygiene. Charvet is represented by different references in various fields : public or private central kitchens, hospital or social sector, corporate catering and canteens, penitentiary sector etc...

Find the most suitable solution for your needs

For each institution its Charvet cooking solution :



Hygiene and performance for central kitchens

With 1000 mm depth, AEROGAM is composed of the essential functions for institutional organisations: tilting braising bratt pans (100 to 160 liters), tilting boiling pans (150 to 250 liters), large capacity planchas, high-efficient fryers... AEROGAM appliances can be combined with those of the PRO 1000 range.


PRO 1000

Robustness and modularity for big institutions and caterers

1000 mm deep, PRO 1000 offers a high-performant range for professionals who want to be equipped with powerful and durable equipment capable of processing large quantities (hospitals, caterers and central kitchens).


PRO 900

Quantities processing

PRO 900 is the essential equipment for institutions: tilting braising bratt pans, fixed or tilting boiling pans, high-efficient fryers on gas or electricity. A durable construction for: half board of high schools and colleges, corporate restaurants etc...


PRO 800

Flexibility and modularity : small and medium institutions

With 800 mm depth, PRO 800 allows the realization of high quality wall suites or central islands. This range will appeal to professionals who want to be equipped with high-performant, robust and durable equipment while favoring the available space.
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